Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Week

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18 March 2022

It has been lovely to see the children out and about enjoying the school grounds as part of British Science and Engineering Week.

This week has been all about S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning at St Martin’s Garden Primary School.

Mrs Franklin, our Science Leader, has ensured alongside all the staff that this has been a very memorable S.T.E.M Learning Enquiry week for all of our children. 

Highlights have included: 

  • paper tower building challenge
  • Gentoo nest building
  • Bug and Bee Hotel building
  • Learning all about bees; parts of a bee, pollination, how honey is made and how to look after bees
  • Curly Wurly challenge
  • sorting materials
  • Testing how best to get different stains from clothes 
  • Mini beast NFU talk

The whole school took part in the Curly Wurly challenge.  How far can you stretch a Curly Wurly in 3 minutes. The World Record is 426cm which is impressive.

As a school the longest was 129cm!  The children worked together in teams and used their scientific skills to decide how to stretch it without breaking it. 

Please read our Learning Week 18th March for more details. 

IMG 0145        IMG 0246       IMG 0111

    IMG 2953              IMG 2988            Paper Tower challenge

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