Community Pantry and Grow for Life

St Martin's Garden Community Pantry

St Martin's Garden Primary School is working in partnership with Sporting Family Change and St Philip and St James Church to open the Community Pantry on the site of St Martin's Garden Primary School.

The Community Pantry allows local families access to affordable food, hygiene products and other household essentials. For a small financial contribution of £5.00 they can have access to £20.00 - £25.00 worth of shopping per week.

The Community Pantry is based on the site of St Martin's Garden Primary School and currently opens one afternoon a week. The Pantry is ran by volunteers. Please call 01225 832112 or email for more details on using the Pantry or becoming a volunteer.

Grow for Life

At St Martin's Garden we also support a community group calle Grow for Life.

Every Saturday we open our school grounds up for them to use. They have been using the site over the last two years. They have helped weave our Willow Den, planted bulbs near our Frome Road entrance and grown a multitude of plants.  Last year they supported our growing beds on our school site and ensured that there was a fantastic crop of food that the children could take home and try. Our Year 6 children also supported them last year to ensure that the growing season was successful.

We have included the link below to their website if you would like to find out more about this amazing Community group.


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