St Martin's Garden Primary School


All pupils are expected to wear the school uniform, which encourages a sense of identity and belonging within the school. Our uniform is colourful, practical and a reasonable cost.

Our logo's uniform is provided by Michael Hope, details below. 

It consists of

  • School sweatshirt with the school logo (Required)
  • White polo shirt (Required) with the school logo (Optional)
  • Grey/black trousers, shorts or skirt (Required)
  • Red and white gingham dress for the summer (Required)
  • Dark coloured, flat, sturdy shoes (Required).  
PE Kit
  • Red Tee shirt with the school logo or a plain red Tee shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Pumps/Daps/Plimsolls or trainers for outdoor sport
  • Tracksuit trousers for cold weather
  • All in one swimming costume or trunks (not bikinis, tankinis or board shorts)  

Children should not wear jewellery in school, but if your child does wears stud earrings, these must be removed during PE and games for Health and Safety reasons.  

To avoid loss, all clothing and footwear should be clearly marked with your child's name - a laundry pen is ideal for this. 

Our uniform is provided by Michael Hope Embroidery & Printing. Please visit their website and click on the School shops tab. Thank you.

Michael Hope uniform provider


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