Our Classes

Our school consists of a total of eleven classes, ranging from Foundation Stage to Year 6, allowing for smaller class sizes (where possible). The class teachers are well supported by teaching assistants.

The classes are organised into three key stages:

  1. Foundation Stage for Reception (age 4-5 years)
  2. Key Stage One (age 5-7 years)
  3. Key Stage Two (age 7-11 years)
Plum Class Foundation Stage Miss Cross
Olive Class Year 1 Mr Gawler
Lime Class Year 2 Mr Ford
Elm Class Year 3 Miss Phillips
Acer Class Year 4 Miss Warren
Aspen Class Year 5 Mr Fogerty
Willow Class Year 6 Mrs L Harper
Oak Class Margaret Coates Centre Mrs B Harper
Pine Class Margaret Coates Centre Ms Brookes
Maple Class Margaret Coates Centre Miss Bradbury
Chestnut Class Margaret Coates Centre Miss Willis

Through regular assessment and tracking we aim to meet the needs of individual pupils, taking action to support less able students and challenge those who need extending.

Class Emails

We have set up dedicated email accounts for each of our classes this year which you can use to contact the class teachers if you need to pass on any information.

Please understand that teachers may not be able to respond immediately to an email. If you have more of an urgent query/question/need to share information, then please the call the school office or email SMGSchool@PalladianAcademyTrust.com  

Class emails are listed below:

SMGPlum@PalladianAcademyTrust.com                                   SMGOlive@PalladianAcademyTrust.com                         SMGLime@PalladianAcademyTrust.com                                   SMGElm@PalladianAcademyTrust.com                            SMGAcer@PalladianAcademyTrust.com                                   SMGAspen@PalladianAcademyTrust.com                        SMGWillow@PalladianAcademyTrust.com                                SMGMaple@PalladianAcademyTrust.com                        SMGOak@PalladianAcademyTrust.com                                    SMGPine@PalladianAcademyTrust.com                        SMGChestnut@PalladianAcademyTrust.com


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