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Teaching, Learning and the Classroom Environment at St Martin’s Garden Primary school

A positive, caring, organised and respectful classroom climate is fundamental for outstanding teaching and learning.

This is created by:

  • Every teacher welcoming errors.
  • Every teacher holding the firm belief that every child will succeed as a school we ‘Aspire, Reach out, Together and ensure that everyone Achieves
  • Children knowing the learning behaviours we expect of them in every lesson.
  • Teaching children to work collaboratively.

This is underpinned by our shared commitment to:

  • High Expectations for all our pupils and staff.
  • High Quality teaching of basic skills including phonics, spelling, grammar and punctuation as well as mental strategies.
  • Excellent subject knowledge of all staff.
  • An understanding of how children think, develop and learn including a shared understanding of Working Memory and the learners brain and the SEND needs of our children.
  • Highly effective and inclusive teaching strategies based on starting points, pedagogical knowledge, subject knowledge and next steps.
  • Purposeful, high quality interaction between adults and pupils.
  • Be reflective and develop our practices using research informed practices.
  • A highly Literate, low sensory, organised and tidy environment

Lesson non-negotiables

Although lesson structure must be flexible and you may move around within this model. There are a few non-negotiables that every lesson must have and adhere to the principles of Rosenshine:

  • Review – Memory recall previous learning
  • Connect- a Learning Outcome, a Learning Intention -  (Connecting current lesson to previously learned material) knowing more remembering more
  • Questioning
  • Structures for talk – full sentence responses (STEMS)
  • Modelling – I , We , You ,  Scaffolds -Success Criteria
  • Independent Practise- Challenge for All - Differentiation
  • Feedback -    
  • Feedforward- See Feedback Policy

These principles ensure that children are provided with high quality teaching and learning which long-term ensures they know more and remember more.

Our Learning Environment at St Martin’s Garden Primary

At St Martin’s Garden we believe that a well organised and low sensory environment has a direct impact on the quality of teaching and learning and therefore outcomes. Our effective classroom environments are used as an interactive resource to support teaching, learning, assessment and knowing more and remembering more across the curriculum.

Our Learning walls within classrooms enable children to develop independence as learners in English, Maths, Science and our Learning Enquiries.  The Learning wall will develop as the learning progresses; with examples of learning being added to the learning wall alongside anchor charts developed within the lesson.  Learning walls may contain questions and other prompts linked to the key skill or knowledge the children will gain. 

Class Librarians maintain and update our class libraries which can be found in every classroom. The class library always contains texts which support the Learning Enquiry which children can access as well as fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts.

At the end of our Learning Enquiry learning children’s learning and displays from the Our corridor displays showcase and celebrate our children’s learning across the curriculum. 


Palladian Academy Trust RHSE Policy


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