Pupil Leadership

Pupil Leadership

Pupil Leadership is an important aspect of life at St Martin’s Garden Primary School.

Each year, we elect children to represent a whole body of leadership opportunities, including: School Council, Climate Leaders, Digital Leaders, Equality Leaders, Class Librarians and School House Captains.

All these groups work hard to deliver on areas of whole school development and improvement.

The School Council is a body of elected pupils who meet regularly to discuss current school issues, canvas fellow pupils’ ideas, and give input to school and feedback decisions to their class. Elections are held annually to choose two School Councillors to represent each class.

School Houses

On arrival at St Martin’s Garden Primary School, each pupil is assigned a School House.  

Siblings are placed in the same House. There are several opportunities throughout the year when School Houses get together for competitive and non-competitive events, and our termly Potted Sports event and annual Sports Day.

Year 6 pupils put themselves forward for the role of School House Captain, by preparing and presenting a speech to the Senior Leadership Team and also their teammates. It’s a joint decision who is awarded this prestigious role.

In October 2021 the school updated our School House system after being inspired by the Tokyo Para Olympics. The Year 6 children researched a range of Paralympian’s and they then created a short list of individual’s which the whole school are voting on.

Equality Leaders are elected by their class at the beginning of the school year. They work with Mr Bogg, our Inclusion Lead, on ensuring St Martin’s Garden Primary School is an inclusive school for everyone. They are currently looking at our cultural capital events for this year, equality of opportunities and our pupil welcome buddy systems.

Climate Leaders

Our Climate Leaders are elected by their class at the beginning of the school year. They work with Mrs Franklin-Adams, our Science Leader to ensure we meet our Climate Emergency Declaration.

The leading role played by young people, including pupils from our school, in highlighting:

Therefore, this school resolves to:

1. Declare a climate emergency.

2. Ensure that our pupils are educated and informed about the causes of climate change and the steps that society needs to take if we are to address this emergency.

3. Identify the sources of carbon emissions over which the school has direct control, and introduce an action plan to address them.

4. Do everything in our power to make the school carbon neutral by 2030.

5. Work with all groups associated with our school - including pupils, parents, carers, staff and the Local Authority - to identify other sources of carbon emissions linked to the school (such as transport).

6. Work with all relevant groups to help our local communities become carbon neutral by 2030.


Our Class librarians work and support Mrs Barrow, Mrs Parfitt and Miss Warren. They are great ambassadors for supporting children with possible books, ensuring their class libraries are stocked with texts the children enjoy, provide ideas for our ‘Reading Matters Week’.  They are also involved in purchasing new books for our two whole school libraries. The Class librarians also write to authors and help plan the author visits.  They are responsible for ensuring that Classroom Library areas are organised.


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