At St Martin’s Garden Primary school reading is at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to ensure that every child not only develops the skills of reading, but also a love of reading that will last them a lifetime. We passionately believe every child will be a reader.

We seek to develop children’s love of reading through exposure to quality texts which are studied over the term. We also provide and offer rich and varied experiences of being read with, read to and opportunities for the children to reading for themselves.

To instil this passion for reading in all of our children, we have invested extensively in selecting a wide range of diverse, yet high calibre books and current affairs literature that capture the imaginations and interests of our young readers, while also reflecting and ensuring children can see themselves in a book. We provide our children with opportunities to meet authors and illustrators who share their passion and love of reading and writing with our children. Our Class Libraries, Author baskets and our Learning Enquiry, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Fiction libraries provide a wonderful array of additional reading materials.

Our Reading scheme is extensive and begins with fully decodable texts linked to our Phonics programme 'Little Wandle'. These are banded into colours which are progressive and link to the Phonics Phases. The children are able to choose a book which engages theme and our banded books contain fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts.

Once children have progressed beyond our Learning to read bands our banded scheme continues to build children’s vocabulary, reading stamina, understanding of authors intent, inference and deduction skills, themes and knowledge though increasingly complex texts.

Our scheme ends with texts aimed at Year 6/Year 7 readers and includes Biographies, Classics and Shakespearian based texts.  Alongside the banded scheme children can also borrow books from our libraries and in Key Stage 2 they are also able to read copies the ‘Week Junior’ a current affairs magazine.

Teachers read to the children each day so that our children are exposed to a range of stories, poetry, authors, themes and information texts. This helps to build and extend children’s vocabulary and comprehension whilst also making connections between texts and ensuring they know more and remember more.

We also ensure that core comprehension skills are taught through whole class reading. Our whole class reading approach is centred around one text for the week and this develops explicit vocabulary (word meaning) teaching, and the comprehension skills of retrieval, word choice, inference, summarising and prediction.

For further information about our approaches to reading please contact Mrs Parfitt (Reading Leader)and Miss Warren (Phonics Leader).


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