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Please contact the school to notify us of any absence before 9.00 am either by phone on 01225 832112 or by email school@stmartinsgarden.org.uk

Absence and Health Issues


If your child is unwell, please let the school know as soon as possible on the first day of absence by phoning 01225 832112 or email school@stmartinsgarden.org.ukThe office is staffed from 8.15 am, but you can leave a message on our absence line at anytime.  We will attempt to contact you by telephone or by text if your child is not in school and we have not received a reason for absence.  If a child is absent on one day we will assume s/he continues to be absent for the same reason on any subsequent days. 

Unexplained absences should be avoided as they are recorded as an unauthorised absence in a child’s attendance record and maybe referred to the Children Missing Education Officer. 

If your child needs to be absent from school for reasons other than illness, you will need to apply to the Head Teacher for authorised absence.  In certain circumstances, absence may be approved by the school. No holiday will be approved unless in exceptional circumstances. Click here to download the request for authorised absence form. 


  • If your child has an infectious illness, please let us know as soon as it has been confirmed.
  • If your child has diarrhoea and/or vomiting, please keep him/her home for 48 hours after the last incident.
  • If your child becomes ill at school we will ask you or a responsible adult to take your child home as soon as possible.


If your child has a minor accident in school s\he will be attended to by one of our trained First Aiders. All accidents are investigated and recorded. We always notify parents if there has been a bump on the head.

If the accident is more serious, and we have cause for concern, we will contact a parent so that medical advice can be sought if felt necessary. 

In these circumstances, it is vital that we can get in touch with a parent as soon as possible, and for this reason, it is essential that the school has an up-to-date phone number for yourself or a relative or friend. If you change your phone number, please inform the school office immediately.


If your child needs to take prescribed medication during the school day, you will need to complete an indemnity form and the office staff will administer the medicine.  Click here to download or ask the school office.   If your child has an asthmatic condition, please let the school office know and complete the information on the letter attached.  Children with asthma can keep their inhaler in their classroom. We can not give children non-prescribed medicine in school. 


Please see the current medical advice for the treatment of Headlice from our School Nurse here 

If you would like some advice or information from the School Nurse service please visit their website 

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