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St Martin's Garden Primary is a Nut Aware school. Please avoid bringing Nut products into our school. Thank you. 

Curriculum and Key Information


Primary School Profile 

Bath and North East Somerset Primary School Profile includes Assessment data                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

School Policies

Policies can be downloaded from here


Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Strategy 2018-2019


Primary PE and School Sports Funding

What the PE and Sports Funding Grant is: 

Since 2013 the government has provided £150 million of funding for primary schools across the country to spend on Physical Education and sport (this is known as a sport premium) and is calculated according to the number of pupils in years 1-6.  This funding has been extended and increased for the year 2017-18. The purpose of the funding is to support schools to develop and improve the sport being offered across the curriculum and to aid all pupils to cultivate healthy lifestyles.

This means that St Martin’s Garden Primary School received an extra £17,890 to invest in the development of sports and to support the healthy lifestyles of our pupils for the year 2017-18 and will receive a similar amount in 2018-19.

How the grant is used: 

St Martin’s Garden Primary School is committed to ensuring that the primary PE and Sports Premium funding is allocated to high quality, sustainable initiatives in the following areas: 

  1. Continued CPD for all staff including the accessing support from sports and PE specialists in order to develop staff knowledge and skills of the subject
  2. Purchasing of resources to ensure all children are able to access the curriculum and to encourage PE activities throughout the school day (e.g. new playground equipment for KS1 and KS2, an outdoor table tennis table, durable football goals, netball posts etc)
  3. Providing release time for staff to accompany children on inter-school Tournaments in and out of school hours.
  4. To employ Mr Gunning, the Palladian Academy Trust Sports Co-ordinator to: support teachers in delivery of PE, help co-ordinate and prepare children for competitive sports (inter and intra) events, ensure inclusive sports sessions for vulnerable groups and talent ID programmes for G&T pupils, improve lunchtime play including the development of young leaders and develop further links within the B&NES Schools Sports Partnership and community based clubs).
  5. Contribution to the maintenance of the school swimming pool and the purchase of swimming teaching aids.
  6. Provision of free of charge After School Clubs for targeted vulnerable groups.
  7. Purchase of Maths of the Day scheme, an online resource that provides lesson plans on how to deliver the math's curriculum through physical activity.
  8. Investment in whole school workshops such as Rocktopus a cross-curricular PE, music and literacy experience to inspire children to be more active and the Jim Gump Project to drive daily physical activity.
  9. Funding of the Bikeability (cycling proficiency) scheme for Year 6s.

 Impact of the grant:

 As with all areas of the school, the impact of our spending is closely monitored. The sports funding at St Martin’s Garden Primary School has: 

  1. Ensured that the teachers have increased confidence teaching sports skills and PE
  2. Given the children the opportunity to participate in inter-school competitions
  3. Enabled us to develop and improve PE and Sports provision
  4. Helped us increase the amount of daily physical activity of all children within school hours.

Impact of funding on pupils’ participation and attainment

 The year on year continued up-skilling of teachers has had a positive impact on the quality of lessons being taught.  The professional coaches are well positioned to stretch the more able children and cater for those less able or with needs that prevent them from being able to achieve to the same extent as the rest of the class. With better understanding has come higher expectations and therefore higher achievement.

As is important with sport, we have gained in creating an atmosphere of safe competition and the collaboration with other close-by schools, which allows many children to experience this as part of the curriculum but also when representing the school.

The funding has helped to make PE and sport part of the fabric of our school, which in turn has encouraged more children to be involved in a wider variety of sports. Sporting activities are enjoyed by all children from the ages of 4 to 11, both within and outside of the curriculum requirements.


 Thanks to the on-going connections with other schools within B&NES and the Palladian Academy Trust, and the support of external providers, the teachers are continuing to learn and progress their knowledge of teaching sport and PE to a high level.

 St Martin's Garden Primary Evidence and Impact of Primary & Sports Premium funding statement 2018/2019 updated   July 2019

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     School Curriculum

Details on the current school curriculum can be found below, just click on the class name or overview: 

Creative Curriculum Information

Reception (Orange Class)

Year 1 (Plum Class)

Year 2 (Peach Class) Year 3 (Oak Class)
Year 4 (Pine Class)  Year 5 and 6 (Walnut and Willow Classes)
Margaret Coates Centre (Bronze Class) Margaret Coates Centre (Silver Class)
Margaret Coates Centre (Gold Class) Margaret Coates Centre (Platinum Class)


  Maths Curriculum Information
 Maths Calculation Policy                                           Maths Policy                                   Maths vocabulary for the New Curriculum
   Year 1 Maths Curriculum
 Year 2 Maths Curriculum  Year 3 Maths Curriculum
 Year 4 Maths Curriculum  Year 5 Maths Curriculum
 Year 6 Maths Curriculum  'Helping your Child with Maths' Parents information session  slides 


English Curriculum information
English Overview Phonics Overview
Reading Progression Writing Progression
National Curriculum Speaking and Listening
How to help at home


Parent View can be accessed on the OfSTED website 


OfSTED http://reports.ofsted.gov.uk.

Inspection 11th and 12th June 2019  

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