"Be kind, try hard, do your best."


"You always feel safe in this school because if you have any worries you can always tell someone and they will help you" (Year 6 pupil)

Care and Support


Child Protection

The school takes its child protection responsibility seriously and aims to protect and safeguard the welfare of children and young people in its care. Our ethos fosters partnership between school and parents, listening and valuing pupils, training staff to be aware of signs and symptoms of concern and carrying out the correct procedures, maintaining a safe school environment, and working in partnership with other agencies in this area. The designated person with regard to "Safeguarding" is the Mrs Horn, Deputy Head Teacher/SENCo with Mrs Parfitt, Head Teacher taking the strategic lead. Our first priority is your child’s welfare and therefore there could be occasions when our concern about your child means that we may have to consult other agencies. 

Equally, we are also committed to policies that promote equality of opportunity, positive attitudes to cultural diversity, the elimination of racial discrimination and safeguarding children.


We aim to make the transition from Nursery/Pre-school to Reception, Reception to Key Stage 1, Key Stage1 to Key Stage 2 and from primary to secondary school as seamless as possible.  At each step of the journey children are supported through a variety of activities and partnership projects designed to help pupils feel secure when they move.

Developing Skills

We seek to establish a purposeful working atmosphere, where at times the work is formal and structured but at other times more informal, allowing children opportunities to choose.

By offering a cross-curricular and integrated approach to learning, children are enabled to view life as a whole with balanced, broad-based relevancy to their experiences and needs. With this in mind, those children with Special Educational Needs are given individual programmes to assist progress, while gifted pupils are given the opportunity to attend sessions at other schools to develop skills, in addition to extended provision within the school.


St  Martin’s Garden Primary School has been awarded the 'Inclusion Quality Mark Award'.  The National Award signifies that St Martin’s Garden is a fully inclusive school and focuses upon learning and achievement in its widest sense and looks at how we see differences as opportunities for learning. 

Personal, Social and Health Education

We have an extensive Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) scheme of work which promotes good behaviour and healthy life choices.  

We achieved Healthy Schools Plus status and was awarded the Director of Public Health ‘Healthy Schools Certificate’. Healthy Schools help children and young people to reach their potential by building on a solid foundation of health to do better in learning and in life. The Programme isn’t just about physical health; it’s about good health and happiness inside and out. And it’s not just about pupils either; a Healthy School involves the whole school community – from parents to governors to school staff – in improving their health and their happiness and getting the most out of life.  

There are opportunities for the older children to look after the young ones and there is an expectation that everyone takes pride in the achievements of each member of the school.