"Be kind, try hard, do your best."

Gold Class


Key Stage 1 and 2

Gold Class teacher is Mrs Dodge.  She is supported by a team of Teaching Assistants.  

The curriculum in Gold Class is a combination of Key Stage 1 and 2 as the children range from Year 2 to Year 5.  The children work from a personalised curriculum in line with the National Curriculum. Each child works at their own level in each subject area in line with the curriculum of the mainstream school. 

There is an emphasis on acquisition of language skills within Gold Class, learning how to communicate needs through speech with the support of PECS (Picture Exchange Communication Systems) and Makaton (signs and symbols to aid communication).  The school rules are reinforced, encouraging children to learn how to accept other people, comply with instructions and recognise emotions. 

Each child has their own work station and follows a personal schedule.  There is an increased focus on children recording work themselves and the goal is that children will become aware of their own targets for learning and begin to particiate in target setting. 

There is an emphasis on active learning and play continues to be an important part of their development.  the children go out for trips and visits and have specialist teachers for Sports, Art and Music.  Each child has access to up-to-date ICT equipment. 

When a child leaves Gold Class to go into Platinum Class, they can communicate their needs, follow the school rules and have a level of independence when learning. 

As for both classes there is an emphasis on active learning so the children have access to up to date ICT equipment, go out for visits, have visiting specialist teachers 

By the time a child leaves Margaret Coates Centre it is our aim that they develop a positive attitude to themselves as learners and feel that they are independent, valued human beings.