"Be kind, try hard, do your best."

Friends of Margaret Coates Centre (FOMCU)


The parents of children at the Margaret Coates Centre are very active in raising money to supplement the budget given to Margaret Coates Centre from the main school. 

This means that the children have access to extra activities such as horse riding, swimming, judo and other activities throughout the year such as cricket, rugby, after school clubs and music teaching. 

There are termly meetings run by the parents for all to meet up and discuss fund raising ideas as well as planning annual events such as the Christmas Fair and our  'Let it Shine' Dance. 

These meetings provide a friendly contact support group for all parents and staff as well as being great for practical problem solving.

                 FOMCU are currently fundraising to replace the Outside Play Equipment at the        Margaret Coates Centre.

Read our story http://www.bathchronicle.co.uk/Children-autism-special/story-29254180-detail/story.html

   If you can help us raise £15,000 to replace our Play equipment please contact FOMCU on 01225 832112.      

                 To donate via Go fund me: https://www.gofundme.com/23qv6zdn. Thank you.


          Friends of the Margaret Coates Centre (FOMCU) have been chosen as the

Sainsbury's Odd Down's, Local charity of the Year 

Please look out for special fundraising events taking place with Sainsbury's and the Margaret Coates Centre throughout this year.



 Thank to everyone who has contributed to the fundraising of the New play equipment at the Margaret Coates Centre. Thanks to a Lottery Grant, Sainsbury's Odd Down, Parents, Pupils, Relatives, Friends and the local community: Phase One was completed over October half-term.  As you can see the Children LOVE it.  Fundraising for Phase Two is still on-going so if you can help please do.